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Houston Chronicle

The Houston Chronicle endorsed Judge Evans for a second time in October 2018.  They described her as having a “forward-thinking approach to rehabilitative justice,” and they stated unequivocally that “Evans has a proven track record and deserves another term.

Houston Bar Association Judicial Preference Poll

Overwhelmingly won in the 2018 preference poll of
The Houston Bar Association Lawyers.

Endorsed by These Individuals

"Thanks for being present with me Judge Evans as I read my victims impact statement against my perp (sexual assault, never caught for 23 years). It wasn't what you said, as much as your warm smile and letting me read my entire statement, no matter how long. It was very healing for me. Thank you."
Joanna Lynn Burrell
Survivor of Violent Crime
"I am a dyed in the wool Democrat, but come November I will be supporting the Honorable Catherine Evans. As a Criminal Defense Attorney I am down at the Harris County Courthouse every day so I get to see her on a regular basis. I know how she runs her courtroom. I know how she is as a judge. As a matter of fact, I tried one of the first Murder trials she ever presided over. This was difficult at the time because no one had very much information on her and you never know how a new judge is going to be on the bench as opposed to how they were on the campaign trail. Let me tell you from experience, she was kind, professional, understanding & respectful. She ran a tight ship. In her rulings and decisions she was very fair, especially when you consider that she spent most of her career as a prosecutor. I have gotten to know her even better since that first trial and I can tell you she is eminently reasonable and judicious. She is wonderful person and a fine judge. I am voting for her in November and I urge you to do the same!"
Eddie Cortes
Criminal Defense Attorney
"I met Judge Evans when she was a HC prosecutor as she headed up the Vehicular Assault Team. I was assigned to HPDs Vehicular Crimes Division. Judge Evans is fair, intelligent, and compassionate. She is an asset to the criminal justice industry and Harris County!"
Wendy Baimbridge
HPD Assistant Chief
"Whether I win or lose in your court, I always feel my clients have received justice, we can not afford for you to lose this bench, you know you have my support fully."
Tyrone Moncriffe
Criminal Defense Attorney
"I worked with Judge Catherine Verlander Evans for many years at the Harris County District Attorney’s Office. In that time she not only shined as a brilliant trial lawyer, but excelled as a teacher and leader in the office. She has carried these tremendous attributes on to become one of Harris County’s most valuable assets. As a steward of the public’s trust, we have no greater ally than Judge Evans. As a defense lawyer practicing in her court, I have witnessed her give careful thought to cases and issues, but also be decisive. She is able to strike a balance that eludes many, which is to be tough and compassionate, and to know the proper situation for each. No matter which party you gravitate toward, please remember to vote in November to keep my friend Judge Catherine Evans as judge of the 180th District Court!"
Spence Graham
Criminal Defense Attorney
"I've worked with Catherine Verlander Evans on vehicular homicide cases over the years. She always gets into learning all about the dynamics of the cases both from a law enforcement side as well as any potential issues that help the accused. She fair, impartial, and knowledgeable on all aspects of the law. She is the only choice for a experienced jurist that will continue to make a difference in the community."
Jim Tippy
HPD Officer
“Catherine Evans is an experienced prosecutor who has devoted her entire career to bringing justice to victims of crime in Harris County. I have no doubt that she will bring energy, wisdom, and integrity to the bench. Her substantial criminal trial experience has prepared her to rule fairly and decisively, and I wholeheartedly endorse her candidacy for judge.”
Rusty Hardin
Former 15-year Harris County Assistant District Attorney, Tried 14 death penalty cases as ADA, Former Chief Trial Counsel for the Whitewater Independent Counsel’s Office, Founder-Rusty Hardin & Associates, P.C.
"I first met Judge Catherine Evans in 2013 when she was working as an assistant district attorney for the Harris County DA’s Office. I was investigating violation of the Dental Practices Act that included practicing dentistry without a license.

These were not real exciting crimes for an ADA to handle, but that didn’t matter. As an ADA, Judge Evans, wouldn’t accept any cases unless they were well investigated.

A criminal case is one of the most expensive and serious things that can happen to a person. It is important for the case to be well vetted from top to bottom. Judge Evans didn’t take that responsibility lightly. She made sure the “Ts” were crossed and the “I’s” dotted. She processed critical details of these cases with ease and efficiency.

I enjoyed dealing with her because of her professionalism and how extremely thorough she was in prosecuting cases that I presented to her. She asked intelligent, probing questions and raised issues about cases when they needed additional investigation.

I was extremely excited when she became Judge of the 180th Court. Her integrity is of the highest order. Her knowledge of the law is outstanding. She is always willing to learn about new areas of law. (She recently attended a computer forensics course out of state to advance her knowledge of this ever changing area of law.) But the most important part of being a judge is being fair and impartial.

I experienced her fairness and impartiality first hand when she was an ADA. It was about finding justice, not just a conviction, for ADA Evans. This is one of the most important qualities of being a District Court Judge.

I fully endorse Judge Catherine Evans for the 180th District Court in Harris County, you can’t do better!"
David A. Durkop
Former Lieutenant Texas State Board of Dental Examiners
"I met Judge Evans almost eight years ago while working to make a difference in my community in the area of DWI enforcement. At that time she was the Vehicular Crimes Chief with the Harris County District Attorneys Office. Her passion for serving our community was evident as she quickly stepped up and assisted in changing the culture of our department in the area of DWI enforcement. I know her to be a woman of integrity and outstanding character. She has forever made a lasting impact on my life and career. I wholeheartedly and fully endorse Judge Catherine Evans and look forward to her continual service to Harris County and surrounding communities."
Bennie Boles
"Catherine Verlander Evans prosecuted my daughter's killer. I know that Steve and I would not have made it through that difficult process without her. While she represented Tracy and our family (via The State of Texas), she also kept in consideration the minor children of the murderer. Like us, those children were unwilling participants in the criminal justice system. Catherine kept us informed, listened to us and our wishes, and allowed us to be part of some crucial decisions. Because of how she treated ALL parties in our case, I have complete faith in her ability to be fair and professional to those who now come before her bench. Catherine is tough (yet fair) on crime while maintaining respect for defendants, witnesses, attorneys, staff, and the law. Regardless of your party affiliation, it is undeniable that Catherine Verlander Evans well serves the citizens of Harris County in the 180th. Cast your vote to reelect her in November."
Cindy Cofer Nitzsche
"Catherine, you will always have my support and better my vote. Debbie Strickland and Marc Brown are big shoes to fill and you have maintained the excellence of the 180th that I have known for 15 years. We are lucky to have you!"
Eileen Guerinot Bogar
Criminal Defense Attorney
"You are truly one of a kind... on and off the bench. You have truly made a difference. You are open, kind, considerate, respectful and most importantly...fair. I appreciate you and love working with you."
Criminal Defense Attorney
"I'm proud to support you. I have no idea who is your opponent. You have earned the respect of the da office and the defense bar 👍🏿👍🏿👍🏿🤗🤗🤗 deep respect for your honorable service. May this journey be sweet. Solidly in your corner 🤗"
Cheryl Elizabeth Irvin
"I worked with you as a CLO when you were a prosecutor. You were the best of the best prosecutors, and continue that as an outstanding Judge!"
Cheri Schultz
Retired Court Liaison Officer with Harris County Community Supervisions & Corrections Division (Probation)
"You are a fair and compassionate judge!"
Denise Crawford
Criminal Defense Attorney
"I have know Catherine Evans since before we were teenagers in New Orleans. I have had Catherine as opposing counsel on a few cases over the years and Judge on a few more. she has always been honest and fair. I don't vote in Harris County but if I did I would vote for Catherine Evans. Catherine is a fine lawyer, a good Judge, and a great person!"
John J Kahn Jr
Criminal Defense Attorney
"Fantastic Judge. Embraces technology, shows up to work, rules fairly, respected by the bar, helps carry the load as part of the joint judicial campaign (doesn’t sit back expecting the ticket to carry her), and has an awesome enthusiasm for her job!"
Chris Daniel
Harris County District Clerk

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